Not just another trip (2)

Another round of photos taken in Australia last winter (now that we’ve everything from daryl’s and alston’s camera. Thanks guys!)

A few of my favourite out of the thousands (not in any particular sequence). Thank you Lord for this wonderful trip.It’s been two month and I still think of Australia. I am afraid one day, these memories will not mean as much as they mean to me right now. I cannot say more but I will try to relive each of my wonderful times in Australia through these selected photos.

Enjoy the photos as much as I do =)

Managed to catch their birthdays! May u guys grow older in wisdom and with grace =)

My second niece, Ariel and I. On the way to the airport.

went to Eureka, Skydeck (81 floors) Overlooking Melbourne

In Eureka. Very nice view and this is a reject shot but i LOVEE it! =)

On the way to mount Dandenong. Weather was so cold. We were lining up outside Miss Marple but it was full.

With daryl, the future doc!We have ALOT of photos together! yay! =)

First time on sea plane @ Geelong

Great Ocean Road!one word! AMAaaaazing! =)

Chee and I =)

Another day well spent with friends on a roadtrip to the Great Ocean Road. Clear blue skies all the way and you just can't stop praising God and His wonderful creation.

Roadtrips! More to come end of this year? =)

With Jongsheng at Brunswick for brunch!Thanks for skipping lectures and classes for me=)

Good food @ Vialetto, Hardware Lane. Final dinner in aus. We made it formal =)

With our loved ones =) It will be a long time till we have another photo like this.

Lining up at the check in counters before sending us off. It was so much fun camwhoring! =)

and finally, Home! =)

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