A short update

Since I have so much time, let me tell you something about myself this week before I get to my work.

1. I am working on two thank you cards for this client of mine. Honestly speaking I am thrilled but at the same time, I just feel that I am not giving my best yet. No good inspiration but at the same time, trust that our God of creativity will inspire me when the time is right. Thanks again for engaging in my service, S. Its truly an honor to serve a client who happens to be a close friend of mine as well.

2. This week seems like pretty easy week for me in terms of Uni and workload because I just realised this morning that I dont have tutorials and lecture for this two subjects; Qualitative Method in Business and Business & Marketing Planning Principles. So yeah, I’m left with only tomorrow and my weekend end begins!=)

3. I always thought my life is significantly deprived of birthday parties. Really. The last two birthday parties I managed to attend was because I was invited by friends, who were actually the official guests (not me). How sad? Feeling really unnecessary sometimes, I just thought it would be nice to attend some birthday parties where I am the official guest. Just as I was sulking and thinking about this, I was invited to 2 birthday parties on that same sat!!! i then decided I should attend both! ah, how desperate! =)

4. I’m now on Twitter, not that I just have them NOW. I have them long time ago and I just went back to its website and revived it yesterday night. Had fun choosing the template designs and I am good to go. Number of followers? 10! haha! nah, no worries, I will eventually be enthralled by the wonders of twittering. Let me know who else I should be following =)

5. I was very busy with worship conference last week and when you thought no one knew what you were up to, you are wrong. With Facebook, everyone knows everything that you are doing. So, yeah. I am impressed that sometimes you don’t have to actually publicly announce where you’re going or what you are doing. Ppl just know.

6. I am going to be real busy starting tonight. Worship practice today and dance practice tomorrow for this weekend. I love being busy because I tend to forgot how it feels like to be busy in serving God. Although sometimes, worship leading and dancing can be mistaken as performing or something, but after yesterday’s quiet time, I rest assured that God will help me to focus on Him. Performing how? you would ask. When we perform, we rely on our skills and our abilities, making sure we gave a good show, making people feel good, engaging in the audience but not working in their lives. But when we serve with our heart and our soul, because we love God and we want to see His name be lifted high, it becomes a personal offering, an intimate worship. I pray I’ll always be reminded that it is His will to be done and not mine, each time I hit the stage.

7. Also, Its not easy to be a good friend. I am trying to be one =)

8. Readings from 1 Samuel yesterday. Hannah’s Prayer of Praise. Powerful. Very powerful.

9.  Erm, not more. Thats all. Going back to my tutorials. Have a great day ahead ppl! =)

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