Australia 1-Malaysia 0

Why, you would ask?

Flowers are taking turns to bloom! sis just took this photo in one of the parks near her area (syd). Arent they beautiful. The best thing is, they are actually real.

Now let me show you another photo. . .

ta-dah! this is taken in my room. Nope, my sis did not ship those flowers to me (tho i wouldnt mind if she did). I bought these fakes from Ikea a couple of years before. Look! Its is as pretty as the real ones growing on soil. Thats why, Australia 1- Mas 0!

2 Responses to “Australia 1-Malaysia 0”

  1. Sarah Cheong Says:

    haha… they are exactly the same flowers!! Lovely flowers, I knew you’d like me to post them as I was contemplating wether or not to post the flower pics… btw, the park is at Parramatta, not near me =)

  2. hehe! yeap! they are beautiful but ariel’s photo were even more beautiful. How much she’s grown. Ish! haha! ooohh parramatta. I assumed its somewhere near you because i know u have lots of parks near cherrybrook =)

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