To Raf, Muthu and Joseph. . .

Happy 21st! you are now UP to speed! hehe! =)

I’m already busy but took time from my assignments  JUST to do this. So yeah, make sure you SEE this!

. . . . . .

Happy HAPPY Birthday!! You’ve been an amazing friend to me for the past few months and I’ve learnt so much from you. You’ve inspired me in ways your could not possibly imagine. Trust that the years to come will be even more awesome for you because you deserve it. Love you bruther! Continue to be a great man and strive for the best =)

To Raf, the one and only, Muthu, whenever it involves alcohol and finally Joseph, when you meet my parents. . .

I remembered I celebrated your 18th, and you 20th. Whatever happened to your 19th?

Anyway. . ..

Happy 21st Birthday RAF! =)

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