Another year has passed

Another year has passed and its Oct the fourth again. Raf wanted a quiet one this year. So his gf decided to just throw him a birthday dinner with a few of us  at Fridays. We had a great night, great company, we heard the best nursery rhymes remix of Mary had a little lamb/London Bridge and finally we went for drinks by the lake at KJ and played lots of 007.

I bet we made his day.

Happy birthday again! =)

The birthday boy! Raf, Muthu and Joseph!

The guests that night. Joan dee was probably still on the plane but she made it anyway (she was an additional surprise for raf)

Raf with the girls. . . .

. . . and we have new girl with us that night. Murni. one word, she is CRAZY!=P

but no one is more important that the gf herself

The bros. . . Lots of love, lots of love. . .

The people at TGI making it more memorable for raf and us. We rocked that place that night!

With sanam on my right, and jo on the left. My beautiful fun size friends =)

Joan Dee managed to reach on time. She came straight to Fridays the moment she landed.

Raf's bitch and she made sure her presence was made known! haha goldfish! her signature pose la!

more photos we took in between

One round of drinks @ Sanook Bar, KJ. Nice bar by a lake. And thats all there is, we were all rushing home to finish some work. Busy but its a good night =)

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