Lulu is thankful

Its truly a blessing being where I am right now. I have a dad who calls me several times a day, a mum who does everything for me, no siblings rivalry, surrounded by friends who matters, studying something that I don’t really like but know it ain’t that bad, a church and ministry that I adore,  working on expanding Joie Lorraine and a future that I am looking forward to. Knowing that I am not worthy and far from deserving all these but above all things, I thank God I found you.

I hope they found you to0.

So much difference it would make.

“Lord, You have searched me
And know when I sleep and when I rise
You’re familiar with all my ways
Even the darkness will shine
Like the day
When you look into my heart

Like a flower in the rain”.


stay tuned! A short update on Raf's birthday dinner up soon =)

With all these, I thank You, from the bottom of my heart. You gave it all and I am grateful.

One Response to “Lulu is thankful”

  1. I really like the passage.

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