A day without needing to justify, defend and explain myself.

Another day at starbucks with. . . .

. . . . .JO jo! =)

we drank caramel latter and choc cream chip . . .

. . of course we study abit. . .

. . .we even managed to wrap ziyan's birthday present!=)

. . . good time it was. Just laughing away, talking about the randomest stuff ever. Joanna's piece of work, that spells out freedom! how apt. Exactly what we wanted! dying from too much journal readings

Its okay. Studying keeps you occupied. Keeps your mind occupied. All I need is this. I’ve been too tired to think of the things I do or did not do. I’ve been too frustrated and too disappointed. All I need is just a friend who isn’t bias, who wouldn’t question me, who wouldn’t doubt me, or make me feel worse than I already am. One who doesn’t think the worst of me but one who allows me to be who I am and help me to be a better person, to see the things I’m trying hard to change. To actually feel proud of me. Afterall that has happened. I am glad I still have some who have always given me the benefit of the doubt.

A day without needing to justify, defend and explain myself. Just take whats left. I don’t bother anymore.

Now I realised, being able to pour out and at the end, be understood is quite a luxury.

I stand on what I believed in. When I know I’ve lost it all, I haven’t lost you Lord. When one disappointment can be this huge, so will be the hope that comes after that.

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