The great pretender. . .

Many things began to unravel as I settle my heart. I was in a huge dilemma and I thought I’ve known it all by making a quick, obvious decision.  Pretty heroic and courageous initially. But when the excitement wear out, I then realise this path is could be a huge mistake afterall. Rummaging through all my thoughts and anxieties, I found that one word that I might hate to admit that I am feeling. I, of all people should know better, that I actually don’t belong here. This is not where I want to be.

There are nights when I reach deep down and try a little harder, where I feel, I could have done things differently. Today is one of such nights. Such are the perils of having choices you sometimes don’t need.

Despite weighing out the pros and cons, I am still stuck at the same junction. It’s inspiring and disconcerting at the same time.

logic vs. relevance

oh you can never argue with thess two.

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