Its Monday again. My sister and bro in law went to work already. So I am left alone here. Making my own breakfast and lunch till they come back for dinner. Not too bad actually. I may pack some lunch and eat in the park while enjoying the afternoon breeze.


Again sitting here looking at my sister’s humble home, I am really inspired by how they live their life here in Australia. My sis and bro in law never once wanted to live a glamour life and they were never driven to buy big houses and expensive cars. They dun have any financial commitment which is awesome. They get to eat good food everyday and they never go hungry (I know this because my sis is putting on weight since the last time I saw her..oops). God’s blessing has been poured down to them and this is obvious you know why, because of their pure contentment in things given to them in life..  


Apparent contradictions.


Simplicity meets abundance.

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