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I absolutely love. . . .

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1. Solitude sol·i·tude/ˈsäləˌt(y)o͞od/

The state or situation of being alone.

We are in a fastmoving world, where it is almost difficult to find time for yourself. I sometimes see solitude as a luxury.  It is among the weirdest feelings one can experience. Bitter sweet I called it and I absolutely love it.

The best part of being alone is that, well. . . .you are alone. You allow your mind to wander into the impossible, you hold on to your favourite book and read for hours, you take off your shoes and walk in the rain or even just spending quiet moments with God. We can be in awe of the beauty of the living world He has created for us.  How can one not appreciate their time alone? Go on, try for yourself =)

2. Cupcakes plural of cup·cake

I wish I could bake. Well, I can bake, but wait, I don’t think I can. A standard cupcake uses the same basic ingredients as standard-sized cakes such as butter, eggs, sugar and flour. Add abit of colour, a touch of your favourite flavour, a hint of joy and all things nice and all your sorrows will seem so far away. It is the little things that content me. Or least I want to be.  Give me a cupcake, you will know that you have added some sunshine into my day =)

My all time favourite? Red velvet cupcakes =)

3. Shop·ping/ˈSHäpiNG/

Shopping is one of my greatest pleasure and they never fail to cheer me up! Its the smell of the malls and how all the pretty things are laid on the shelf. Its that feeling you get when the lady pass you your shopping bag, gosh, it is so exciting. Each time after shopping I also enjoy thinking about the combination of the clothes I bought with the ones I’ve already got and how it would go with this and that and and and . . .  I can’t resist pretty dresses and shoes!

You know what absolutely works for me? Shopping retailing.  Doesn’t matter what and where, so long there is bargain… even better =)

4. Travelling present participle of trav·el /ˈtræv əl/ Show Spelled [trav-uh l]

I absolutely LOVE to fly. Traveling to someplace I’ve not been before is one of my favorite things to do though I am not exactly adventurous, as some of friends who has traveled with me before would claim. I love the airport and the planes. I absolutely love the feeling of stepping off the plane. I don’t know. All I could feel is freedom and the excitement, as you begin to wander where your feet takes you.

Furthest I’ve traveled was Australia. I am not surprised if I said thats my favourite place to be. Hoping to go to the States so that I can do what the things I love doing in no. 3 &5. I do think I would wanna do England one winter. Who wants a white christmas?I know I do!  Oh oh, not forgetting Italy- the vatican city, the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain where I am dying to throw a coin to make a wish, more museums, galleries, the historical buildings, theater, music, great restaurants, streets fun to roam. AAaaaaah! STOP!

So, where would you like to travel to next? Go see the world, don’t limit yourself. No matter how many places you have been in this world, you’ll find another and another and another still waiting to be explored.

5. Photography pho·tog·ra·phy/fəˈtägrəfē/

Don’t know much about editing and all the terms used in photography. I don’t know which angle gives the most light, or what aperture means. I don’t know which lens does what, and all I know I just wanna click away, taking photos of details, people, life, memories, creation and all the beauty I can possibly capture in my camera.

6. Dancing present participle of dance

I am naturally not a dancer. In my childhood, I took up music lessons. I play the piano. Mum gave us the best by sending us to the best piano teacher in the state. She did not see dance as how my sis and I see it. However, we were still very much blessed as it was equally amazing plus music is very closely tied to dancing. It was only recently that I took up dancing and why I love dancing? You learn to love your body and feel good about yourself. It sure is another form of therapy for you girls out there=)

7. Seven is a perfect number no?

How can I enjoy all these without my friend and loved ones, who stood by you through rain and shine.They are the reason why we go through life each day=)

So tell me, whats are the 7 things you absolutely love?

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Lulu is thankful

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Its truly a blessing being where I am right now. I have a dad who calls me several times a day, a mum who does everything for me, no siblings rivalry, surrounded by friends who matters, studying something that I don’t really like but know it ain’t that bad, a church and ministry that I adore,  working on expanding Joie Lorraine and a future that I am looking forward to. Knowing that I am not worthy and far from deserving all these but above all things, I thank God I found you.

I hope they found you to0.

So much difference it would make.

“Lord, You have searched me
And know when I sleep and when I rise
You’re familiar with all my ways
Even the darkness will shine
Like the day
When you look into my heart

Like a flower in the rain”.


stay tuned! A short update on Raf's birthday dinner up soon =)

With all these, I thank You, from the bottom of my heart. You gave it all and I am grateful.

A short update

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Since I have so much time, let me tell you something about myself this week before I get to my work.

1. I am working on two thank you cards for this client of mine. Honestly speaking I am thrilled but at the same time, I just feel that I am not giving my best yet. No good inspiration but at the same time, trust that our God of creativity will inspire me when the time is right. Thanks again for engaging in my service, S. Its truly an honor to serve a client who happens to be a close friend of mine as well.

2. This week seems like pretty easy week for me in terms of Uni and workload because I just realised this morning that I dont have tutorials and lecture for this two subjects; Qualitative Method in Business and Business & Marketing Planning Principles. So yeah, I’m left with only tomorrow and my weekend end begins!=)

3. I always thought my life is significantly deprived of birthday parties. Really. The last two birthday parties I managed to attend was because I was invited by friends, who were actually the official guests (not me). How sad? Feeling really unnecessary sometimes, I just thought it would be nice to attend some birthday parties where I am the official guest. Just as I was sulking and thinking about this, I was invited to 2 birthday parties on that same sat!!! i then decided I should attend both! ah, how desperate! =)

4. I’m now on Twitter, not that I just have them NOW. I have them long time ago and I just went back to its website and revived it yesterday night. Had fun choosing the template designs and I am good to go. Number of followers? 10! haha! nah, no worries, I will eventually be enthralled by the wonders of twittering. Let me know who else I should be following =)

5. I was very busy with worship conference last week and when you thought no one knew what you were up to, you are wrong. With Facebook, everyone knows everything that you are doing. So, yeah. I am impressed that sometimes you don’t have to actually publicly announce where you’re going or what you are doing. Ppl just know.

6. I am going to be real busy starting tonight. Worship practice today and dance practice tomorrow for this weekend. I love being busy because I tend to forgot how it feels like to be busy in serving God. Although sometimes, worship leading and dancing can be mistaken as performing or something, but after yesterday’s quiet time, I rest assured that God will help me to focus on Him. Performing how? you would ask. When we perform, we rely on our skills and our abilities, making sure we gave a good show, making people feel good, engaging in the audience but not working in their lives. But when we serve with our heart and our soul, because we love God and we want to see His name be lifted high, it becomes a personal offering, an intimate worship. I pray I’ll always be reminded that it is His will to be done and not mine, each time I hit the stage.

7. Also, Its not easy to be a good friend. I am trying to be one =)

8. Readings from 1 Samuel yesterday. Hannah’s Prayer of Praise. Powerful. Very powerful.

9.  Erm, not more. Thats all. Going back to my tutorials. Have a great day ahead ppl! =)

It is well with my soul.

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I wanted to ask God so many things. There may not be an answer to all my questions and albeit, there were times where things are obvious, it took me awhile to come to the same conclusion. For someone who has good navigation skill, I kinda suck, working with God,  on deciding in my life’s direction.

And then I come across a photo. I realized a photo is all you need to bring back a flood of memories and the overwhelming feelings of yesteryears. I took a good look again at the picture, going back to the time we took it. I’ve seen how I’ve grown. I’ve seen how things have changed. My smile was different. I looked different. I was  quickly reminded also of the good times and the bad. And I’ve come to accept, that girl was me. No matter how hard I try, I cannot change what has been done.

This is when I ask myself. . .this is painful but is it well with my soul?

and the answer, yes, indeed it is. . . if nothing else, knowing it is all in my God’s control.

Standing on the terracotta tile

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Staring blankly at the screen, I was reminded why I’ve stopped blogging for months. No inspiration. Nothing. Well I do have a million of things to say. Looking at my blogstats,  I am impressed and  evenmore encouraged to write something now. The fact that some of you guys out there are still visiting my blog (despite months of not updating them.).Let me see if I can come up with something really interesting or at least entertaining for you guys. Hmmm, how am i going to do that.

Things have been crazie for me eversince  I ended my internship early Feb. I’ve been busy till today! ( Actually, truth be told, I wasn’t supposed to blog because I am in the midst of a few major assignments, ALL DUE NEXT WEEK!). I’ve had the aweseome-mest of the awesome-mest CNY celebration this year at home. I don’t know why it was such good times for most of us. I guess as we grow older, our priorities shifted and we began to appreciate the time we have with each other. Family of friends, none of these will go wrong.

Friends. I spend a great deal of time with my friends in this season of my life. Endless lunch and dinner appointments. Birthdays after birthdays. Great time versus Bad times. Love, hate and all that matters. You know who you are. Thank you for being just there for me and give to me endlessly. I just don’t know what I’ll do without you guys. Godsent ‘pillars’ of support that have been nothing but of great encouragement. Although I have very different cliques of friends, but do know that I love each and everyone of you very much.

I agreed to a wedding project. A friend of a friend saw my blog and she loved my creation and wanted to engage in my services. I was pleased of course! I mean, someone out there actually trusted me with her wedding card invitation and before I could agree, I vowed to myself that I am going come up with something totally out of the world for her. It was tough I tell you, to start finalizing all the details because the sky is my limit. I almost gave up as I come up with several mock designs. I am so glad the bride is very particular with particulars! This means, when she finally like a design I did, I know she truly truly loves it!(Amazing girl she is). Anyway, fast forward it all, I finished about 70 cards last sunday! I was on the roll mann. . . and gosh, the feeling was huuuuuuuuge! Seeing all the cards all arranged in a row,  tied with pretty pink ribbons and their embellishments, wow, I din know someone could actually feel this contented!

Despite my neckache, every part of me is itching to dance again ( I am finally scheduled to serve in May. Woot! ) and again, DESPITE my neckache, I agreed to a netball tournament end of this month. sigh.I don’t know what else I want to do because there are just too many things in life that I want to get my hands on. I wanna travel ( gosh this is so generic but yes i will do abit of travelling this july. . .hint: australia?), I want to adopt a puppy (equally generic), and I want to have my own business (hey, this is new) but bottom line is, I really wanted to do so much more than I thought I could.

. . . . .I paused and took another deep breath and ponder abit about the purpose of me getting so busy in life. I know there is more to this as I look forward to each day, everytime I wake up from my bed. I have long thought that the very best insight into what it means to feel all these is to simply consider what is God’s purpose for me and getting to know what is it in His heart. Having saying all these, I just wanna thank Him for all the opportunities that come by my life. The good and the bad, the great and the not-so-great, the pain and the gain, I will always be reminded to praise Him. There are some things that I cannot change and I have to learn to embrace it. I know my past is part of me and sometimes it is not a bad thing. . . sometimes it is really not.

This, I have to accept.

I am a promise of all that’s to come.

Of brownies and cupcakes. . .

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Holiday season. . .tired. . .out of breath. . .

My to do list for this week is preeeety manic.

At work-I am so flustered everything I come home from work. In fact, all I want to do is just retire to my bed and pray for a good night rest. Not that I havent been sleeping, its just that, every morning I wake up to some really intense pain in my back and around my neck area. Must be the pillows. Anyway, work is crazy. I am just doing my internship. I cannot imagine how things are going to be like when I actually step into the working world. I decided I should forgo all my dreams and marry an old fat rich man, stay home and live happily ever after in one of the little suburb in Sydney. . . . .JUST KIDDING! =D

At homeLaundry needs help. Need to stock up on groceries. I wanna eat french toast! A friend just taught me how! Maybe I will try making it under the supervision of my mum when i go back this weekend! YES! I am going home this weekend! Can’t wait to taste that christmas butter cookies my mum has baked ( I think she did). We used to bake together all the time and this has been the tradition since until I left for KL.

My finances– I don’t know where and how I’ve spent my money. All i know is that, I keep spending and spending on things I hardly see. Btw, do you know that I eat alot? I think I spend too much on food! I am getting fatter by the day judging from how uncomfortable I feel when I wear my tight jeans. Well, they are getting really tight right now. I think my other problem is that I cannot resist food.  I need to do some running. Looking at my working hours,  it is even more impossible to exercise.

My closet-Just bought a very stylish casual blazer from Kit Min. Check out her new online webpage here at  3cups of Love. When I come back to KL after christmas, I will probably invest in a very nice grey pants that comes with a grey vest (very much inspired by Angela) and a black skirt =).

In my craft world-to be honest, I havent actually started doing my christmas cards. I am too tired to even lift up a scissors. I need to be inspired. This is bad. Anyway, as much as I am ‘wasted’, I will come up with some thing for your viewing pleasure. Its probably easier than I think. Perhaps I just have to make the first cut but do check out my other website, Joielorraine, from time to time =). Oh yeah, my brother just made my day when he told me how much he likes my new website!

my friends- I finally met a very close friend of mine who came back to do his internship in PWC. We’ve been friends for ages (last 7-8years) but this is the first time that we actually spend time together. Thank for you the cupcakes and the brownies and also the early christmas present. I like it.

Last sunday, I came to realised that God has really big plans for me as He places  different people in my life  for the past few months. It is truly a blessing seeing how God works through the care  and love my friends have displayed. I realised, indeed, this is something to be so thankful for. It is your friendship that makes life even more beautiful. You guys have made loads of differences in my life from the very start. Lets have more lunch and dinner appointments. I’ve always enjoyed making making lunch or dinner plans.

My walk with God- Working takes up so much of my time and energy that I spend so little time with God and the bible. Will work on the momentum.

Looking back at these 12 months, this year was and is very special to me because where I’ve found my first love in God again. Lots of heartaches but it is all worth it. Lots of pain, but without its existence, I will never come to know God’s joy and peace.

So many times I failed as His daughter, but His love is so amazing and so impossible to grasp that I sometimes cannot believe that I have a God who loves me THISSSSS MUCH! *expanding both my hands way from each other in the air*

In my ministry-Had an awesome time worshiping God last weekend togther with the worship team. Love that song that I was assigned to choreograph, ‘Glorious One’. Its such a powerful song that I sometime think that it is quite an honor to take up the task of choreographing this song. Oh btw, did i mention that this song is one of the 7 songs that have been written by our very own people in DUMC. Isn’t that amazing? and we are going to launch our new album on our 30th Anniversary this 31st Decemeber during watchnight to acknowledge how God has been faithful to His church and His people. Thank YOU for everything =)

In all your ways (in every single area of your life), acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

Proverbs 3;5-6

Happy tuesday!

Merry Christmas! thanks OJ and Lisa. (Its not just the packaging that is classy 😉

The things I need to do (updated)

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1. Finalize all the stuff and start making nametags for YLDP.

2. Work on my session with Rachel. Our very first time handling a workshop.

3. Serving 4x next month. Can’t wait for Christmas and Watchnight service.

4. Pray harder for internship openings while waiting for replies.

5. Come up with sponsorship & budget and continue to refine my ideas for UWE Charity Night’s entry passes.

6. HSBC proposal for business plan competition.

7. Report and Presentation for Loreal Brandstorm.

8. A business proposal and registration.

9. Go to Ikea, Sunflower and Papier.

10. Search for inspiration for N’s wedding card.

11. Think of a range of Christmas card designs. Theme colour?

12. Spend more time with God.

13. Finish my finals?

(striking off means done! =)

for the sake of updating. . .

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The things i did in sitiawan . . .

dad brought me to JPJ to renew my driving lisence

dad brought me to JPJ to renew my driving lisence

without fail every morning, breakfast! =)

without fail every morning, breakfast! =)

Managed to bring my clothes for dry-cleaning

Managed to do my laundry

played for church service! =)

played 4 church service. aah miss my piano =)

and of course many more things i did but i totally forgot to buy the  ikan bilis from lumut and we din watch FD knowing that my dad would probably get the shock of his life if i bring him to that movie. (and we have pizza instead of mcD). It was a quiet and relaxing weekend but i don’t know why i had a hint of gladness in me when i reached subang just now. . .=P

More than just a mini skirt. . .

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I was browsing for ways to wear a short mini skirt. I have one that is shamefully short and i cannot step out of the house without feeling like somebody is peeking from underneath. Its alright to be alil careful since you are revealing a large chunk of your body.I cringe when I see girls wearing mini skirts wrong and i definitely do not want to end up looking anything close to slutty; a mini can be classy when worn correctly.

Before i even realised it, i started browsing for wedding dresses! Woah!!  Somebody once told me, we don’t choose the dress and no, the dress doesn’t choose us either.

We just meet our dresses, like how we just met our men adding that, there is a dress, somewhere out there, waiting for you.

Putting on the right dress is like falling in love all over again.  I, however, have in my mind what sort of dress i would wanna wear on my big day. Hey, who said a young girl cant dream alil. I can feel the overexcitement rising within me as more wedding dresses appear on my screen.  Seeing all these beautiful things, I might just fall dead.

I honestly don’t want a hugeass wedding. It takes me awhile to really understand what defines a  good wedding and of course, the learning doesnt stop here. Its definitely not the dress you are wearing, or the hideous make up your make up artist puts on you thinking that she has done the best job so far and forgive your bridesmaids as they are  just doing their job, telling you that you look like a gem when non of them are actually convinced. Its not about the people your parents are inviting, who knows how many unknown faces come up to you during the reception.  It is also not about the spectacular flower arrangement, cascading light pink and purple lisianthus and the most beautiful 10 tier cake from the best baker in town and gosh! whoever says that you need to walk down the aisle to the sound of a string orchestra?

It can be alil overwhelming at the end so to me, a wedding is nothing but a show. What do i have in mind? A small, intimate romantic wedding will do, where i can move around freely attending to my guest who are made up of my loved ones, close friends and relevant family members. Good food and great music are mandatory of course and there is just one thing that i will never compromise,

wedding photography! =)

check this website out:

Photos from




I bet God likes weddings too since there is this emphasis on the relationship between His son and the church. In the bible context, weddings are sometimes rarely associated to the coming together of a man or a woman. We are supposed to look at marriage and see the demonstration of an intimate relationship between Christ and the church. God often describe His relationship with his people by choosing marriage as a significant illustration throughout the old testament.  God doesn’t compromise when it comes to His commitment towards His people. Hence, this makes Him the ultimate reference point in a marriage.

Now, do you still think a wedding is all about searching for that one beautiful white dress or how beautiful your wedding turn out in photographs?

Think again =)

When i look in the mirror

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untitled folder31

“When I look in the mirror and the only one there is me
Every freckle on my face is where it’s suppose to be
And I know my creator didn’t make no mistakes on me
My feet, my thighs, my Lips, my eyes, I’m loving what I see

Am I less of a lady if I don’t wear panty hose?
My momma said a lady ain’t what she wears but what she knows…
But I’ve drawn the conclusion, it’s all an illusion
Confusion’s the name of the game
A misconception, a vast deception,
Something got to change

Now don’t be offended this is all my opinion
Ain’t nothing that I’m saying law
This is a true confession
Of a life learned lesson
I was sent here to share with y’all
So get in when you fit in
Go on and shine
Clear your mind
Now’s the time
Put your salt on the shelf
Go on and love yourself
‘Cause everything’s gonna be alright”

India Arie

My fiasco

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You know you are  getting really bored when you start playing all those mindjolt games on FB. I’ve been doing a lot of catching up these few days. I seriously think life is too short to not make a point to meet up with your girlfriends and see how they are doing in their lives, tho i am mentally and emotionally drained, but in a way where its so fulfilling that you’d think that this is one of the (few) best thing you’ve ever done with your time.

After what seemed like a long time, i am glad our relationship with one another was more than just surviving. There are people, places and events that lead to where we are, people, places and events that we’d prefer to forget or at least pretend to forget for awhile over but in the end, you can slap a pretty label over all our life experiences- like fate. Its how we play the cards life has dealt us, each in our separate lives and how things have worked out for some of us.

But something i read somewhere, no matter how we each potray ourselves, it seems that every relationship has two stories- the edited one to be shared with each other over some rich-brewed, Italian-styled expresso or the unedited one- best not go there. Its not that we are putting up a front with each other, or maybe i was alil bit to be honest. Please forgive me.

I inhale sharply as i continue to think of many unanswered questions in a philosphical sense (my morning sinus is really getting from bad to worst). Not that i spend my every waking moment thinking of serious stuff, in fact, i don’t quite. Anyway, sitting here with my satin pJ pants (which i really adore as these were specially tailor made for me by my mum), there is this void in me that I haven’t been feeling for a very long time. I don’t know if i truly comprehend exactly what i am feeling right now but i consider the possibility that there is something wrong with me. It wasn’t shown on the surface of course and maybe others are probably not aware of it, yet =).

Its Saturday again. The 27th week of 2009. This first half of 2009 has really been a roller coaster ride for me but I realised that I was never in the ride alone.  There were people who jumped right in with me from the start of the ride and with that, i am truly grateful. I wouldn’t have come so far if it weren’t for all of you. Although i cringe every time i think back to how complacent i was or have become in the things i used to find refuge in.  Was the whole fiasco disappointing? Initially it was, very, but now, I think i am more concern about how painful it will be to put on some metalscrap into my mouth when i go back to sitiawan =S.

shit, braces. I will still proceed on this crazy idea if i could gather sufficient courage to even drive to the dentist. Aih, just get over and done with it laa.

I am beginning to love the sound of the airplanes again. This means alot to me. Somethings are better left unchanged (Don’t know why i suddenly picture Russel Peter saying this with his fake chinese accent! haha!!).

something sweeet =)

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If i could, i would name today, ‘Blessings day’!

Why? (duhhh, my finals over adi ma =P )


First, i started my morning with this super amazing news from a dear friend of mine. Yes, i am really honored to hear this piece of good news from you and i am glad you are okay. Thank you for always checking on me and thank you for reminding me that god really is all around and he can’t wait to bless us. I am planning on giving you guys a surprise visit soon and I will continue  to keep you and your hubby in prayer always =)

Then i went to see ms woo because she also does scrapbooking and she was showing me some of her collection. Super inspired after seeing all her works. I was like, what have i been doing with all my blardy expensive materials i bought from Aus?? Ish, i shouldnt let my hobby just die off like that. I will embark on new projects i promise! heehee! but seriously lor, i’ve learnt so many tips about scrapbooking today. TIme to put these tips into use!

Met up with my childhood bestfriend today finally!!! what to do, medic student. They dont really have time for you. She also brought her other best friend with her, name Pris and gosh,  i love her. We clicked almost instantly and the next thing we know, we can’t stop talking and when we got tired of talking, we went around 1U snapping crazy photos. Honestly, i havent been doing any crazy stuff lately and boy, it feels so good to let it all out today. Today was awesome dear =). Oh yeah, thanks for the 45 photos you tagged me on facebook ( i know we would love the hat shots in Zara if  we were quick enough to actually take them before the salesgirl came and reprimanded us! heehee!). Waiting for more photos from pris’ camera. So happy to meet pris and your other special friend =P

Some of the few shots i love =)

my childhood besties, Ada mei!

my childhood besties, Ada mei!

I really can't believe we did that!

I really can't believe we did that!

One of our favourite photo of the day!

One of our favourite photo of the day!

. . .and then we went and terrorize Zara!

. . .and then we went and terrorize Zara!

Good shot Kelvin! =)

Good shot Kelvin! =)

After dinner, Debbie came and pick me up from 1u and we went dessert hunting. well, it wasn’t really a hunt la. We just drove to Uptown and decided to have cupcakes at WonderMilk! oooohh i really love this place. The moment i walked in, i felt like a child all over again.  The cupcakes were all so colourful and i so wanted to taste each of them. I am definitely coming back  here again! It was soooooo nice talking to you debbie and thanks for the books. Lets continue to keep each other in prayers. Will see you this weekend =)

Wondermilk Cupcakes, Uptown Pj

Wondermilk Cupcakes, Uptown Pj

debbie's strawberry cupcake

debbie's strawberry cupcake

Red cupcakes! remember, we used to bake these too? but of course, theirs turn out nicer :P

Red cupcakes! remember, we used to bake these too? but of course, theirs turn out nicer and they could sell it for rm4.50 per cupcakes =P



Lots of memories to keep from today and more to come in the future!

Next stop: Operation Midvalley, christytron and bangsar!=)