My sister and her

This is my sister. She is twenty eight years old. She has a baby in her tummy.

she is so pretty =)

she look so radiant =)(photo courtesy of Leanne Sim)

Err, okaaay, thats a pretty lame introduction but anyway, i am really excited my for sister and andrew. Its their firstborn! Gosh, I cant wait for another niece =)

5 Responses to “My sister and her”

  1. Thank you my dear, Leanne did a great job…pregnancy suits me I must say, praise the Lord and I can’t wait to have another baby haha… =)

  2. You look like a japanese!heehee!
    anyway, you also look very small to be in your 2nd trimester, in fact, soon to be trimester.

  3. yes. very japanese. can’t wait to see the kid…. =)

  4. yeah! me too! =)
    she is going to be lovely!

    I’ll make sure she loves taking photos as much as her cousin sister and her aunty!(leanne and myself)

  5. laychuy Says:

    soon its gonna be ur turn jiunn lee..!!

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