And i saw the prettiest thing. . . .

Finals starts tomorrow. Am i prepared you ask me, not sure how I’m going to answer that. Not too sure how i am feeling as well. I’ve done sufficient revision, now i just hope I could remember at least something from that 20++ jounrnals. Oh well, I still got to face tomorrow. In less 24 hours, I will be done with 2 papers!

His grace is sufficient! Pray for me =)

This is going to be a short post while I decide what to grab for dinner. We are going to celebrate my sis in law’s birthday end of this month and I thought it would be great if i ask Jocyee to help me with the cake. She is really good. She has done many beautiful cakes for weddings and she takes order! so if you like her work, do contact me and I will hook you guys up! =)

So i was doing some cake hunting. Surfing the web for different designs of cake that i would love Jocyee to design for my sis in law. She showed me this and i fell in love with it almost immediately. Those poppies are too adorable to resist!


option 1: Jocyee's choice

But then I thought, perhaps white and black would be abit too formal and both of us love colours but couldnt decide on which.  So i went through more photos on the web, hoping to find something similar for Jocyee. And I saw the prettiest thing. I stopped and I stared and I said, the colour is perfect!

2nd option

Don’t u just love the colour? Some may not tell the difference from the first design but to me, with the addition of the soft pink hue makes a whole lot of difference. We discussed further and I am so glad to hear that she can make those poppies on time! So, in conclusion, we’ve decided on a one tier soft pink/peach coloured poppy cake. I hope my sis in law will like it =)

Can you imagine how the cake is going to be like? i can =)

This is it!!

A homemade cake designed by a dear friend, Jo Cyee from Jo’s Piece of Cake!

Thanks Jocyeeee! Love the details =)

Photo courtesy of Jocyee!

Its an Orange Cointreau Chocolate! Cant wait to taste it!  =)


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