I absolutely love. . . .

1. Solitude sol·i·tude/ˈsäləˌt(y)o͞od/

The state or situation of being alone.

We are in a fastmoving world, where it is almost difficult to find time for yourself. I sometimes see solitude as a luxury.  It is among the weirdest feelings one can experience. Bitter sweet I called it and I absolutely love it.

The best part of being alone is that, well. . . .you are alone. You allow your mind to wander into the impossible, you hold on to your favourite book and read for hours, you take off your shoes and walk in the rain or even just spending quiet moments with God. We can be in awe of the beauty of the living world He has created for us.  How can one not appreciate their time alone? Go on, try for yourself =)

2. Cupcakes plural of cup·cake

I wish I could bake. Well, I can bake, but wait, I don’t think I can. A standard cupcake uses the same basic ingredients as standard-sized cakes such as butter, eggs, sugar and flour. Add abit of colour, a touch of your favourite flavour, a hint of joy and all things nice and all your sorrows will seem so far away. It is the little things that content me. Or least I want to be.  Give me a cupcake, you will know that you have added some sunshine into my day =)

My all time favourite? Red velvet cupcakes =)

3. Shop·ping/ˈSHäpiNG/

Shopping is one of my greatest pleasure and they never fail to cheer me up! Its the smell of the malls and how all the pretty things are laid on the shelf. Its that feeling you get when the lady pass you your shopping bag, gosh, it is so exciting. Each time after shopping I also enjoy thinking about the combination of the clothes I bought with the ones I’ve already got and how it would go with this and that and and and . . .  I can’t resist pretty dresses and shoes!

You know what absolutely works for me? Shopping retailing.  Doesn’t matter what and where, so long there is bargain… even better =)

4. Travelling present participle of trav·el /ˈtræv əl/ Show Spelled [trav-uh l]

I absolutely LOVE to fly. Traveling to someplace I’ve not been before is one of my favorite things to do though I am not exactly adventurous, as some of friends who has traveled with me before would claim. I love the airport and the planes. I absolutely love the feeling of stepping off the plane. I don’t know. All I could feel is freedom and the excitement, as you begin to wander where your feet takes you.

Furthest I’ve traveled was Australia. I am not surprised if I said thats my favourite place to be. Hoping to go to the States so that I can do what the things I love doing in no. 3 &5. I do think I would wanna do England one winter. Who wants a white christmas?I know I do!  Oh oh, not forgetting Italy- the vatican city, the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain where I am dying to throw a coin to make a wish, more museums, galleries, the historical buildings, theater, music, great restaurants, streets fun to roam. AAaaaaah! STOP!

So, where would you like to travel to next? Go see the world, don’t limit yourself. No matter how many places you have been in this world, you’ll find another and another and another still waiting to be explored.

5. Photography pho·tog·ra·phy/fəˈtägrəfē/

Don’t know much about editing and all the terms used in photography. I don’t know which angle gives the most light, or what aperture means. I don’t know which lens does what, and all I know I just wanna click away, taking photos of details, people, life, memories, creation and all the beauty I can possibly capture in my camera.

6. Dancing present participle of dance

I am naturally not a dancer. In my childhood, I took up music lessons. I play the piano. Mum gave us the best by sending us to the best piano teacher in the state. She did not see dance as how my sis and I see it. However, we were still very much blessed as it was equally amazing plus music is very closely tied to dancing. It was only recently that I took up dancing and why I love dancing? You learn to love your body and feel good about yourself. It sure is another form of therapy for you girls out there=)

7. Seven is a perfect number no?

How can I enjoy all these without my friend and loved ones, who stood by you through rain and shine.They are the reason why we go through life each day=)

So tell me, whats are the 7 things you absolutely love?

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  1. didn’t know u still kept this blog updated 🙂

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